Ciplas SAS - Saco corriente
We produce various specialized synthetic fabrics for different uses in industry, agriculture and construction.
Ciplas SAS - Tela propivida

PROPIVIDA – UV Resistant Poly-woven Fabric

Woven polypropylene fabric offering UV protection. Available in Green or black, or customized printed colors. Also available with "Danger - Do Not Enter" message. It is a permeable, flexible and washable fabric; ideal for use in closing public works, agricultural crops and temporary enclosures.

Uses include: Outdoor or indoor enclosure, worksite enclosures; crop protection; windbreakers on public roadways; poultry, barn, and animal curtains; among others.
Ciplas SAS - Tela protecplas

Protecplas - Poly-woven Fabric

Polypropylene fabric in white, its flexible, permeable and washable. Ideal to enclose interior civil works, for the packing of goods, and for the upholstery industry. Available in plain and laminated extrusion coated.

Uses include: Packing and baling of goods, product protection, internal protection for furniture and mattresses, fencing, enclosures or coverage of interior and outdoor spaces, among others.
Ciplas SAS - Tela
Black polypropylene fabric with reinforced ribbons, with exceptional hydraulic and physical properties, a high tensile strength and very little distortion - which makes it ideal for use in soil separation, drainage and surface filtration and in any type of construction that requires terrain stabilization.

Uses include: Control of erosion, soil reinforcement, filtration and separation between layers of materials, protection of geomembranes, and other civil engineering applications, among others.
Ciplas SAS - Lona avícola
Specialized fabrics
Polyethylene fabric with ultraviolet protection designed for the coverage of poultry houses; Available in yellow, blue, white and white-black. It allows heat conservation and presents excellent resistance to punching and tearing.We produce a wide range of synthetic fabrics for specialized uses such as landscape canvas, for sanitary landfills, multipurpose canvases, agromulch fabrics for covering terrains and hydroponic crops, high-density burlap fabrics, etc.