Polypropylene Woven Sacks And Poly Bags

Ciplas SAS - Saco corriente
Also known as packaging bags or sacks, these are rectangular packages open at one end, woven with virgin polypropylene tapes, available in various sizes and weights. They are useful in packaging a wide variety of products, and are renowned for their high tensile and impact strength and ease of handling.
Ciplas SAS - Saco corriente

Plain Sacks and Bags

Type of bag made with tubular polypropylene fabric, with a thermal cut and a bottom seam, and available in different colors, weights and sizes. Allows customized printing.

Uses include: food packaging, concentrates, fertilizers, sandbags, chemicals, minerals, and other goods that require an economical and high quality packaging solution.
Ciplas SAS - Saco laminado

Coated Sacks and Bags

Type of bag made with tubular polypropylene fabric which has adhered to the fabric a polypropylene film that improves the barrier conditions, generating greater protection against humidity and pollutants. It improves notably the print quality, maintaining it stable during the natural manipulation of the bag.

Uses include: food packaging, concentrates, animal feed, commercial packaging, chemicals, minerals, and other goods that require increase protection against humidity and other external agents, as well as all packaging seeking a higher quality print.
Ciplas SAS - Saco Bopp
Type of bag made with tubular fabric which may have lateral gussets. This bag’s fabric has three layers: fabric, lamination and Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film. It provide superior strength; high definition printing; grease, oil and UV resistance; and is a far superior alternative to paper packaging. It can be printed with high definition images of up to eight colors.

Uses include: Consumer and wholesale packaging solution for pet food and fertilizers, among others.
Ciplas SAS - Saco con manija
Bags with Handles
Laminated bag with handles allows a comfortable and resistant grip. Excellent alternative for the packaging and handling of products marketed in shelves and points of sale. High definition customized printing.
Ciplas SAS - Saco fuelle
Gusseted Bag
Laminated bag with a lateral internal crimp (gusset) that allows for a better use of the storage area, stabilizing piles.

Uses include: Food packaging, mineral and chemical packaging, among others.
Ciplas SAS - Saco válvula
Valve Bag
Laminated bag designed for easy closure, with an internal gusset and a valve shaped opening which closes without the need for stitching after the filling process. Allows for high-speed automatic filling and closure through valve on spout packers.

Uses include: Minerals, chemicals and items that are packaged through an automated process.
Ciplas SAS - Saco agricola
Agricultural Bag
Produce in both mesh and lenno fabric. This type of polypropylene weave allows the product to be visible, has great tensile strength, and provides breathability. It is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and with or without printing.

Uses include: Packaging of agricultural products such as onions, corn, potatoes, oranges, citric fruits, firewood, among others.
Ciplas SAS - Saco agricola
Shopping bags
Our new line of custom-made shopping bags provides an excellent economical environmentally friendly solution for your business. It is an excellent way to showcase your brand with bright colors and the perfect durability.

Product features include:

  • Bag made of 100% virgin polypropylene.
  • Available in different widths and lengths.
  • With the possibility of printing in flexography or with high-definition BOPP film.
  • Available fabric colors: white and transparent.
  • Handle colors: Red, blue and green